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Sucky TT icons are a crime!

The TT Iconing Elite

Good Teen Titans Icons
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This is a community for all above-average TT makers. Here you will see only the cream of the crop in TT icons and graphics. No MS Paint icons here, and people with no grip on basic iconing need not apply.

1. Please post a sample of your work in the designated post. Please post no less than five and no more than ten icons.
2. If you are accepted, welcome! Please join the community, and your membership will be activated. You are free to post your icons here! Teasers are accepted, but please, no more than two.
3. If you are rejected, don't take it personally. You can try again in one month.
4. Please use proper netiquette. Flames and personal attacks are not allowed, and will be dealt with severely.
5. Most of all, have fun!

If you get rejected, remember: nobody dragged you by your ankles and made you apply here. We'll try to give you tips on how to improve if you're rejected, but please don't go around bitching about how we're mean because we don't like your icons.

Please visit our sister communities; titan_icontest, titans_rating, and newest of all, titan_lims, the Teen Titans Last Icon Maker Stading Contest!

Teen Titans Last Icon Maker Standing Competition!